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Where the heck is Texico, New Mexico, anyway?

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Everest Cannabis Co. opens its 12th Dispensary in New Mexico in an old diner on the Texas / New Mexico border, in Texico.


The town on the Texas/New Mexico on the Eastern border with a population is 1053 people is technically classified as a small city and shares the state line with Farwell, Texas (pop. 1535). It sits on the Llano Estacado (Spanish for “Staked”, or “Stockaded” Plains) and is part of one of the biggest mesalands in the United States – a ranching and agricultural region, with crops grown there going to the far reaches of the world; Cotton, grain sorghum, corn, wheat, peanuts, sunflowers, grapes, and many vegetables.


During the school year, whether it’s Friday night football, a weekly volleyball or basketball game, or tournaments on the weekend- you can be sure that the whole community will be there showing local school spirit, wearing their Kelly green, white and gold and cheering on The Fightin’ Wolverines. You may catch Texico residents in a moment of weakness booing their archrivals, Melrose (located 30 miles east of Texico), or the rivals across the tracks – The Farwell, TX Steers (and the Lady Blue!)


Texico has been the subject of two movies, as well. If you have seen the movie Swing Vote which stars Kevin Costner, who plays a man that has the deciding vote in a close presidential race. The movie “takes place” in Texico, New Mexico, although the movie itself was filmed on location in Belen! The foreign movie Viva Zalata (yes, “Zalata”, not Zapata!) where the title character escapes from Egypt after divorcing his four wives and moves to Texico, where he becomes the town hero and is elected mayor of the town.


Everest Cannabis Co. is excited to open up its twelfth dispensary in New Mexico in the city of Texico. Believe it or not, Texico is the oldest town in Curry County, and its first school was built in 1902. The town population grew when the BNSF (then known as the Santa Fe RR) made Texico a cut-off station from Belen headed to points East into Texas. Texico had several western saloons during this time, and the town grew exceptionally fast. As the years progressed, the population of the city grew and eventually became the small community that is how we know it today.


Texico is a very tightknit community where everyone knows one another, and maybe even the hot topics that go on across the tracks in Farwell, where you can grab a delicious slice of Godfather’s Pizza At Annie & Martha’s Artisan Bakery from the local owners. If you are in a carnivore mood, consider going across to Farwell as well to eat at the popular “The BBQ Shop”, but you will need to get there early because the food runs out fast. The ribs are phenomenal, and the “pig candy” (mmmmmm, candied bacon) is just something that is indescribably delicious. There’s also Frida’s in Texico – named after the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo – where you can grab breakfast burritos, local New Mexican and Mexican food favorites, as well. The Beverage Barn on Jewel St. is a spot where you can grab a cup of coffee and have your favorite Macchiato, Cappuccino or infused Red Bull drink for that extra startup to get your early morning going. As you may have expected, if you need a cool drink or a sub sandwich, Stripes – Texico’s local gas station and convenience store will have what you need from 6am to 10pm, and is a place in town that is always busy, either from travelers passing through from Amarillo and Lubbock, TX.

Everest Cannabis Co. isn’t the only place to do your shopping, either! There’s so much more to Texico than cannabis. 😊 Texico does have Rebecca’s Boutique and a Dollar General for any shopping needs. It also has a very cool pottery shop called The Potter’s House which is family owned, where they have a huge, diverse selection of pottery, kitchen decor, etc. The store is a vast array of brightly colored flower pots and different statues. The artist of the shop is very talented, and the owner will also have some pretty good stories about his inspiration for his pottery.


Texico, although a very small municipality, has a very intriguing history, as does any border town in the Llano Estacado region. But one thing is for sure – the people of this area are very friendly and welcoming, and you will always be greeted by a smile. We can’t wait for you to try our cannabis in Texico!


To read more about Everest Cannabis Co.’s commitment to Eastern New Mexico, click here and here.


Texico Medical

202 N State St Texico, NM 88135