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Everest Celebrates Wellness Month. What are ratios, anyway?

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August is national wellness month. A time to focus on self-care, creating healthy habits, developing stress management skills, and finding balance. Everest Cannabis Company joins wellness month by inviting all adults 21 and over, to explore the many products designed with your relief in mind.


First, let’s talk about ratios.


If you’ve ever shopped at a cannabis store or seen cannabis products advertised, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about ratios. In cannabis products, this ratio refers to the amount of CBD to the amount of THC found in a product. Both of these compounds affect different receptors in the brain. Because of this, CBD typically does not have psychoactive effects and won’t cause you to get high. THC, on the other hand, does have psychoactive effects and produces the high that people associate with marijuana. Depending on the individual, each of these products can be consumed independently, but what happens when you take both THC and CBD together?

The benefits from a one-to-one ratio, aka the golden ratio, are pretty phenomenal. CBD binds to receptors that calm the immune system while THC binds to receptors that calm the nervous system. Both parts of your body act independently on a regular basis and carry out their individual tasks. When you consume a product that has equal parts CBD and THC, the two compounds work synergistically giving you what we call “the entourage effect,” the ultimate way to relax your body and mind.

Here at Everest Cannabis Co. we’ve taken the guesswork out of trying to find the right product for you. When you visit one of our dispensaries, you’ll notice all of our products are placed into one of our five categories: elevate, relieve, unwind, dream, and discover. In celebration of national wellness month, we’d like to focus on our relieve category and share some of our exclusive products with your relief in mind:


Everest’s popular B4 strain is an any-time-of-day, hybrid blend of Blue Dream and Chemdawg 4 strains. Featuring a 1:1 ratio (that’s one part CBD to one part THC), this strain is a hit for those seeking relief from those long, stressful work days.


Not into flower? We got you covered with our Everest brand B4 vape cartridges. Or try our PAX pod that features a 1:1 ratio. We also carry a PAX pod with a 3:1 ratio for those seeking a stronger body high.


So maybe you don’t enjoy smoking flower or oil, and you just want to feel relaxed without having to inhale? Everest “true relief” capsules may be just the touch you’re looking for. Our capsules are clean, vegan, sugar free, and come in a 1:1 or 4:1 ratio.


If you’re a first time cannabis user, we suggest starting with a low-dose product to simply get your feet wet. Wynk seltzers are a great way to enter the edible cannabis realm and they also feature a 1:1 ratio, giving you a low dose of CBD and THC. 

For more information on Everest’s products or any of the terminology we briefly touched on in this post, visit your nearest Everest dispensary and talk to one of our guest advisors. We have some of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced staff in the industry and we’re here to help you throughout your cannabis journey. Happy wellness month!


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