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Dosing Can be Fun & Easy with the New Azuca Fast-Acting Syrups!

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Last month, I found out that Everest added Azuca fast-acting syrups to their lineup of edible products, and I knew I just had to try them out.

As a lower-dose patient, I was looking for a staple, go-to edible that was mess-free and easy to understand and use, with minimal cannabis taste to it. I’m happy to report that the Azuca fast-acting syrups were exactly what I was looking for!

Each of the Azuca fast-acting syrups have a total of 100mg THC per bottle, with 25mg THC per dose (which is 1 fluid oz.). For patients completely new to cannabis, I’d recommend just using one teaspoon of the syrup—which works out to be 4.2mg THCuntil you know and understand what your tolerance level is. The syrups are currently available in three varieties: simple syrup, pomegranate and lime.

I decided to pick up the simple syrup variety and mix half of a recommended dose (12.5mg THC is perfect for me) with a 12 oz. can of raspberry acai sparkling water. I then flipped on the tv and settled down into the couch to prepare for my drink to kick in.

Here’s what I found I enjoyed the most about my syrup concoction:


A Fast-Acting, Dependable Onset:

The #1 perk of the Azuca fast-acting syrups is spelled out right in their name – they’re fast-acting. Within the first ten minutes of only having a few sips of my drink, I realized I was already starting to feel the effects of the syrup. I’ve honestly never had an edible kick in so quickly for me, without even drinking my entire dose yet!

Knowing exactly when my edible will kick in is definitely a selling point for me. Now, when I’m looking for quick relief from my aches and pains and the stress of the day, I know that’s exactly what I’ll get, and when. I will no longer have to wonder how long it will take to kick in, and I won’t be second-guessing myself if I’m “feeling it” or not, something that (admittedly) happens to me fairly often.

Keep in mind that onset time can vary patient-by-patient. Azuca—the company whose TiME INFUSION, fast-acting technology is infused in these syrups—claims that the majority of patients feel the effects of their syrups within the first 15 minutes of consumption. This was certainly true in my case, as a lower-dose patient.

As I continued watching tv and sipping on my sparkling water (which took almost two hours…I’m a slow drinker), I experienced a steady, calming body high that relaxed me into the couch but didn’t put me to sleep, exactly what I was looking for after a long day at work. On top of that, I noticed mood-elevating effects that led to me enjoying my tv show more than normal.

Overall, I was super impressed with not only how quickly the syrup worked for me, but how steady and long-lasting the effects were, with such minimal effort on my end.


A Completely Mixable Consistency:

Perhaps the best part of all is that the Azuca fast-acting syrups are mixable with just about every drink. In the morning, the simple syrup is a perfect mix-in for coffee or tea. The pomegranate syrup would be great in a mid-day smoothie and the lime syrup would be a perfect replacement for lime juice in an after-work margarita or mojito for cocktail hour. For those who enjoy going to the gym, having a dose of syrup after a heavy workout would be a great way to ease and relax sore muscles.

All three of the syrups are vegan and gluten free, so that everyone can enjoy them. Plus, they are PH, shelf, and temperature stable, so they can be mixed in extremely hot drinks (think hot chocolate in the winter!) or cold drinks (lemonade in the summer!). It’s also possible to bake and cook with the syrups or use them as a topping or drizzle.

Whether you wish to enjoy a syrup at home or on-the-go, the possibilities are endless! Just make sure to refrigerate your leftover syrup (if there is any) and try to consume it within the next couple of weeks for the best results.

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