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Everything You Need to Know About Legalization Day in New Mexico

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Can I buy recreational cannabis at Everest now?

No, recreational sales of cannabis (of any kind) are strictly prohibited in New Mexico right now. Legal recreational sales will begin early 2022, no later than April 1, 2022. At that time, anyone over the age of 21 will be able to shop at Everest and other New Mexico cannabis dispensaries in the state of New Mexico.

But wait, I can still consume cannabis right now?

Yes, personal use of cannabis is now legal, as of June 29th, 2021. All New Mexico residents over the age of 21 are currently allowed to consume cannabis at their home. They are also allowed to carry a maximum of two ounces of cannabis outside their home. However, public consumption is still illegal for the time being. Lawmakers are currently working on creating public “cannabis consumption areas” where cannabis consumption will be allowed—similar to a bar or brewery—but this won’t happen anytime soon.

You are allowed to have more than two ounces of cannabis inside your home, as long as it isn’t visible from any public place.

What if I'm under the age of 21?

No one under the age of 21 is legally allowed to possess or consume cannabis, unless they already have a pre-existing medical card that was issued to them under the New Mexico Department of Health. Next year, you must be over the age of 21 to buy recreational cannabis when sales become allowed.

Can I sell cannabis to my family and friends now?

NOTHING can be legally sold (or bartered) that doesn’t come from a licensed retailer. Even licensed producers are only allowed to sell to licensed retailers. This includes seeds and clones, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a medical patient or not.

Am I allowed to gift cannabis to my family and friends?

Technically, yes. You are allowed to give cannabis to another New Mexico resident over the age of 21, as long as money or other goods are not exchanged in return. However, we discourage this act and ask that you please leave Everest property if you are planning on gifting your cannabis to someone else.

Am I allowed to grow my own plants for recreational purposes now?

Beginning June 29th, 2021, anyone over the age of 21 can begin growing cannabis plants at their home, without a Personal Production License (PPL), as long as you are not selling your cannabis or operating like a business. Each person is allowed to have a total of 12 cannabis plants on their property (explained in the next section). Plants can be grown indoors, or outdoors if they are grown in a secluded area out of the public eye.

At what size do clones count towards plant count?

People can have 6 mature cannabis plants and 6 immature cannabis plants. Immature plants are defined in the cannabis regulation act as “a cannabis plant that has no observable flowers or buds.” We would call that a clone or a plant in veg.

Can I buy clones and seeds from Everest?

Everest currently sells clones at select locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Any Everest medical patient is allowed to come buy a clone—PPL licenses are no longer required! Our clones typically sell for $25/each, and we limit them to 2 per patient. Please subscribe to our emailing list or our text communications for information about upcoming clone sales.

Sorry, we cannot sell clones to anyone without a valid medical card.

We currently do not sell seeds, but if you reach out to us, we’ll be happy to suggest a few websites for buying seeds. (Buying an Everest clone will be much easier though!)

What are the requirements for Everest to sell someone else's wholesale cannabis?

There aren’t any specific requirements currently, but we look forward to working with cannabis microbusinesses and other producers to provide top quality products to our customers.

Can I travel with my cannabis now?

We do not recommend traveling with your cannabis. Currently, law enforcement is generally prohibited from stopping or detaining a person solely because of the smell of weed. However, this law doesn’t apply if an officer believes someone is operating a vehicle under the influence. Please don’t consume cannabis and drive!

Cannabis is still illegal on a federal level and can be confiscated if you travel over state lines—you could be detained & charged if this happens. Federal land also includes Native American reservations.

Will medical patients have priority over recreational customers? How will the state ensure medical patients that there won't be a shortage?

We are required to sell 25% of our cannabis to medical patients in 2022. After that, if there is an ongoing shortage affecting medical patients, RLD has the right to require that 10% of cannabis is sold to medical patients a month. Essentially, everyone wants medical patients to have enough cannabis. It is our current priority and will remain our priority.

Are medical patients going to receive better prices than recreational customers?

Medical patients do not pay GRT or an excise tax, effectively giving them a 17-18% discount over future recreational customers.

Do medical card holders still have unit count limits for the rolling 90 days?

The Cannabis Regulation Act says that “a person who is twenty-one years old or older shall not purchase more than two ounces of cannabis, sixteen grams of cannabis extract and eight hundred milligrams of edible cannabis at one time.” It also says “a consumer shall not possess more than two ounces {etc} outside of the consumer’s private residence.” Therefore, under the new law there are currently purchase limits on a purchase-by-purchase basis for medical cardholders.

Do you still accept reciprocal patients?

Yes, we do still currently accept reciprocal patients. In order to be considered a reciprocal patient, you must have a medical cannabis card that was issued in the same state in which you permanently reside.

For example, a resident of California must have a California medical card, and a resident of Texas must have a Texas medical card. New Mexican residents must be enrolled in the New Mexico medical cannabis program, and are therefore disqualified to enroll in the reciprocity program.

For more information about the NM reciprocity program, click here.

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