All of our strains are grown in-house using only the most natural methods for cannabis cultivation.

At Everest, we believe cannabis is best the way nature intended. Our handcrafted cannabis is grown in all-natural soil and harvested by experienced growers.

Finding the right strain of cannabis for you can be an overwhelming task. Our expert budtenders will take the time with you to find the best cannabis for your specific ailments and needs. To get a general idea of how particular strains may affect you, check out our list below. 

Our recommendations are also based on essential oils found in cannabis called terpenes. Responsible for the taste of the flower, it also affects the medicinal and psychoactive traits of that particular strain.

Inventory is subject to change. Please visit our online menu for the North Valley Location here or the Northeast Heights Location here.

Guard Dawg X Star Dawg


Guard Dawg x Star Dawg has varying effects, mostly relying on personal preference as a guide.

Purple Kush


Purple Kush is a pure indica strain that emerged from the Oakland area of California as the result of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross.

Juicy Fruit


This cannabis strain was developed by Sensi Seeds. Crossed with pure Afghani indica and pure Thai sativa, Juicy Fruit is a large-leafed, thick-stemmed plant with colors of green and purple.

Shut Eye x Stardawg


Categorized as a Sativa Hybrid, Shut Eye x Stardawg has varying effects, mostly relying on personal preference as a guide.



B4 is a hybrid cannabis strain that descends from Blue Dream and Chemdawg. Blissful, lightweight euphoria helps incite happiness and laughter, making this strain a perfect choice for stress and anxiety relief.

Super Lemon OG


Super Lemon OG produces relaxing body effects that are balanced by the uplifting and energetic sativa influence of Haze genetics.

Inventory is subject to change. Please visit our online menu here or call 505-898-2800 for our most up-to-date inventory list and pricing.

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Everest Apothecary

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Everest Apothecary

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Everest Apothecary is a licensed producer and retailer of medical cannabis in New Mexico. Everest Apothecary uses all-natural growing methods and the latest technologies to provide our customers with the finest medical cannabis products that improves the lives of our patients.

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