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Dabbing 101: Quick Guide for Cold Starting

Dabbing is an effective way to consume cannabis at higher concentrations. While it may be intimidating at first, the process of preparing and executing the perfect dab becomes more familiar with time and is a perfect way to seek relief. Here’s a trick to taking the perfect dab – Cold Starting. Cold Starting is a… Continue reading Dabbing 101: Quick Guide for Cold Starting

New Product Launch: Super Tutti Shatter

Two Great Strains Come Together New hoodoo™ Super Tutti shatter is a combination of Super Lemon OG, known for its relaxing body effects and uplifting sativa influence, and peppy and euphoric Tutti Frutti. The result is a terpene-rich, sativa-dominant concentrate that relieves pain, enhances mood and helps maintain focus. Available for $30 per .5g at all three Everest dispensaries this… Continue reading New Product Launch: Super Tutti Shatter

710 Specials | Everest Apothecary

Stop in Tuesday, July 10, as we celebrate 7/10 with great specials on all concentrates at our North Valley and NE Heights locations! Stop in and get 20% off all HEYDAY cartridges and hoodoo concentrates. Plus, get 10% off all other concentrates. Not into concentrates? We have you covered! All of our mid shelf handcrafted flower will be… Continue reading 710 Specials | Everest Apothecary

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