January is National CBD Month and Paradise Hills Store Manager, Samuel Martinez took the time to write about how THC and CBD interact in the body.    When it comes to Cannabis our customers’ most common question is the THC percentage. However, one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to THC and CBD […]

Where the heck is Texico, New Mexico, anyway?

Everest Cannabis Co. opens its 12th Dispensary in New Mexico in an old diner on the Texas / New Mexico border, in Texico.   The town on the Texas/New Mexico on the Eastern border with a population is 1053 people is technically classified as a small city and shares the state line with Farwell, Texas […]

Talking with Amanda Lovato, Pro MMA Fighter

What inspired you to get into MMA? What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had? Towards the end of high school, I was floating around between living with family. I finally ended up in Las Vegas, NM, with my grandma. She has been a karate practitioner for most of my life. Her sensei was looking […]

Interview With Soilutions: Everest’s Soil Provider

Everest is proud to partner with Soilutions, a local soil and compost company that provides our farm with soil tailored perfectly for growing our cannabis plants. Recently, we were able to chat with Ben Dickerson, Business Development Manager at Soilutions, about how they started in the industry, what makes their soil so special, and how they’re […]

Introducing Our New Sustainability Practices

Recycling program at Everest Cannabis Co.

This fall, we plan on doing more to protect the environment and our community by implementing a number of new sustainability practices—our first step to becoming a more eco-conscious company. Read on to see our (condensed) list of everything new coming to Everest, beginning this August. Soil/Composting By the end of this fall, our prospective […]

Important Updates to the NM Reciprocal Program

What They Mean for NM Medical Cannabis Patients   The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) passed Amendment last week, which details a number of changes to the reciprocity portion of the New Mexico Cannabis program.  These changes state that: A New Mexico qualified patient can no longer be enrolled as a reciprocal patient. […]