Summit Club Rewards Program

Receive $5 off your
purchase of $10 or more
on your first visit.

Receive $5 off your
purchase of $20 or more
on your second visit.

Receive 3x rewards points
(available for redemption
on your fourth visit).

Plus, spend $10+ on your birthday and get $5 off your purchase!

(Redeemable the day before, day of, or day after your birthday.)


Lobo Peak (200 Points) = $6 off Entire Purchase

Organ Needle (600 Points)$20 off Entire Purchase

Sandia Crest (1,000 Points) = $40 off Entire Purchase


Visit any Everest location as a new patient and make a purchase to become registered into our Summit Club rewards program. Our guest advisors will assist you in registering for the first time. Once we’ve set up your Summit Club rewards account, you’ll receive a text message with the link to view your account online.

From your first purchase on, every dollar you spend at Everest will correspond to one Summit Club reward point. The more you shop, the more you earn!

View Points

Click the button below to log into your Summit Club rewards account using your registered phone number. In this portal you can customize your profile, track your points, and see which rewards you’ve earned. When you’re ready to cash in, our staff will be happy to help you exchange your points for rewards at any of our locations. Score!

Redeem Points

Visit any Everest Cannabis Co. location and let our staff know that you’d like to redeem your reward points before you place your order. They’ll be happy to apply your rewards to your ticket.