Return Policy

Return/Exchange Policy Outline

• After returning a defective product, guests are eligible to receive a refund or exchange it for a replacement, if applicable.

• Refunds/exchanges must be processed on the same register in the same store the product was originally purchased from.

 Refunds/exchanges must be processed in the same tender method as the original purchase.

 For exchanges, the new total dollar amount must match the original total dollar amount from the first transaction.

When are Guests Elligible for returns/exchanges?

• Guests who have received a defective product from Everest have the right to a return/exchange.

 The product must have been defective upon the time of the sale for the return/exchange to be processed.

 We do not process returns/exchanges for products that have been damaged/caused defective by the guest.

 We do not process returns/exchanges for products that the guest did not like.

HOW  to Initiate a Return/Exchange

 Return the product in its original packaging (with the original barcode still attached) to the store you originally purchased it from. We will not be able to accept returns at any other location.

 Bring in your receipt for the item(s) being returned. If you’ve lost or discarded your receipt, don’t worry—we can look up your purchase in our system and process your return that way.

 Once the return has been processed, you will become eligible for a refund or exchange. Refunds/exchanges must be processed in the same tender method as the original purchase.