Hoodoo Concentrates

Think differently? Us too.

Hoodoo™ concentrates are custom crafted from hand-selected cannabis grown right here on the Everest Farm.  Our products aren’t mass produced, run of the mill concentrates. We think about the flavor and effects of every single plant, and turn superior plants into superior concentrates.

Crafting the highest quality concentrates is our passion and we want to share our passion with you.

hoodoo™: as high as you can get with your feet on the ground

hoodoo you love?




Everest Hoodoo™ collection of super-natural concentrates is taking the art of cannabis refinement to a higher level.  Our hand-crafted extraction process distills all the thc, cbd and terpene-rich goodness of cannabis into a wide variety of strain-specific concentrates.



Hoodoo concentrates are elevated by our superior strains of cannabis skillfully grown to perfection, yielding the richest, most resinous flower.

Experience the super-natural.

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Everest Apothecary has developed a wide range of experiences and effects through cannabis. Our easy to use ”effects” category system helps you navigate the world of cannabis by better understanding terpenes.