Think differently? Us too.

Everest’s collection of Hoodoo™ concentrates takes the art of cannabis refinement to a higher level.  

Our hand-crafted extraction process distills all of the THC, CBD and terpene-rich goodness of cannabis into the wide variety of strain-specific concentrates that make up our Hoodoo line.

Crafting the highest quality concentrates is our passion, and we want to share our passion with you.

hand-crafted, 100% PURE CANNABIS

Hoodoo™ concentrates are elevated by our superior strains of cannabis skillfully grown to perfection, yielding the richest, most resinous flower.

We think about the flavor and effects of every single cannabis plant we grow, and turn superior plants into superior concentrates.



“Diamonds” are pure THCA crystalline structure that by themselves are dry and hold no terpene profile. Generally, a rich terpene solution will be added to reach a desired consistency and flavor, and these dewy consistencies are referred to as “Caviar” or "Diamond Sauce”.

diamond sAUce

“Diamond sauce” are diamonds held within a thick, terpene-rich solution that holds the crystalline structure within.


Our Hoodoo™ “Caviar” is a pure THCA crystalline structure created in the presence of a terpene-rich solution that is presented in a light dewy texture. It can be viewed as a middle ground between diamonds and diamond sauce.


“Crumble” is also referred to as “honeycomb” due to its dry consistency and light blonde color and fragmented texture. One of the most popular consistencies, users can dab the extract or combine it with their flower.


“Batter/Budder/Badder” are all recognizable by their soft-but-solid consistency, similar to a stick of butter. Batter often reflects a bright blonde/yellow color.


“Shatter” is recognizable by its brittle, glass-like texture. It is favorable for consumers due to its ease in handling while using. Shatter colors tend to range from a honey-like amber to dark yellow.

Resin / Nectar

Resin is loaded with greater proportions of terpenes than other concentrates holding more flavor than other extracts. With the additional terpenes, the consistency is typically more runny than other concentrates, colors range from a bright blonde to dark amber.



Extracted from flash-frozen cannabis flower, this extract preserves the plant’s true terpene profile during extraction.


Extracted from dried/cured cannabis flower, this extract comes from the type of flower that customers see on store shelves and what is generally used for inhalation.



Each of our Hoodoo™ concentrates contains a certain combination of terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds that provide plants with their unique flavors and scents. The terpenes found in cannabis give each strain its own special aroma. Each terpene also has specific physiological effects.

Everest Cannabis Co. has developed a wide range of experiences and effects through cannabis. Our easy to use “effects” category system helps you navigate the world of cannabis by better understanding terpenes.