Medical Patient Laws & Info


Everest continues to serve legally-qualified New Mexican medical cannabis patients and caregivers, in addition to adult-use customers over the age of 21. As a verified NM medical cannabis card holder, you are exempt from paying all sales and excise taxes on THC products. This is a huge benefit to obtaining and keeping a valid medical cannabis card! 

All of our locations offer designated medical-only checkout counters for faster checkout, and our medical patients are prioritized first when it comes to curbside pickup and home delivery orders. We are also required by law to set aside 25% of our inventory for medical patients to ensure that we never have any shortages.

Items needed to become aN
EVEREST patient:

Please provide the following documentation during your visit to an Everest dispensary to be registered in our system as a medical patient:

  • Valid New Mexico Medical Cannabis Card. Must be the original card (not a copy). Please be ready to submit your medical cannabis card at each visit.
  • Valid New Mexico Driver’s License or other valid forms of state-issued identification. Must be the original card (not a copy). Please be ready to submit your driver’s license at each visit.
  • New patients will need to fill out and sign our Application Form in person during their first visit.


In need of a medical cannabis card? Schedule an appointment with Balanced Health NM below to find out if you are eligible.


In accordance with New Mexico state laws and regulations, Everest no longer participates in the NM medical card reciprocity program. All 21+ visitors from out of state are now considered adult-use (recreational) customers, regardless if they have a medical cannabis card from their own state of residence or not. As an adult-use customer, you will unfortunately be subject to local sales and excise taxes. Sorry for the inconvenience!