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Lose Your PAX® Vaporizer? Check These Places First

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We know what it’s like to lose your PAX® Era™, which is why we made a list of the places we’ve found ours.

PAX is one of the greatest inventions known to humankind. Ok, we may be a little biased because they’re exclusively sold at Everest locations and the pods are filled with our exclusive Heyday™ 100% cannabis oil, but truly. 

Between using your phone to control your dosage, temperature, and intensity, and the slim, discrete design with one of the smoothest draws you’ve ever experienced, we can’t help but love our  PAX.

That being said, if you have purchased a PAX Era™  you have probably lost the same PAX Era™  at some point in time. 

We know you’re exhausted from that age-old question your parents used to ask the minute you told them you lost something, “Well, where was the last place you remember seeing it?” 

We’re not your parents so we’re not going to ask you that but, we have lost a few PAX Era™ s over the years and discovered them in some pretty unique places. This is a list of some of the places that we’ve lost our PAX Era™ in hopes that it will ignite a spark that helps you remember where you left yours. 

This list will constantly grow as we discover the new and creative places we’ve found our  PAX Era™:

  1. Behind Your Couch

There’s no better time to use a PAX Era™ then when you’re ready to kick back and relax on your couch. Yes, this sounds obvious and you’ve probably already looked but look again. We recommend taking a hand and feeling through all of the crevices (or pulling all the couch cushions off) before officially crossing this off your list. Just prepare to grab some other surprises while you’re fishing around back there… a pen, an old snack, who knows… You would be surprised how sneaky that PAX Era™ can be!

  1. No Seriously, Check Every Crevice of Your Couch

Sometimes, there’s a catch-all in the bottom part of your couch (like a kangaroo pouch). Before sticking your hand in there, we recommend just feeling it out to see if there is a little PAX Era™  outline. If there is, jump in and don’t look back. Just make sure you blow out the dust in your PAX Era™  before you use it again. 

  1. Wrapped Up In a Blanket

This also relates to the couch. Don’t waste time lazily moving around the blanket to find your PAX Era™, stand up like an adult and shake out your blanket. You should see your PAX Era™ drop to the floor if it was stuck in the blanket. This is also a good time to TRIPLE check your couch cushions. Can you tell we’ve lost a lot of PAX Era™ in our couches?

  1. Underneath Your Bed or On Your Nightstand

Nothing like a puff-puff pax right before bed, especially since with the PAX Era™ you can control your dosage from your phone, which means you can take just enough to support a great night’s sleep. Did you leave it on your nightstand? Or perhaps it slipped off your nightstand and fell under your bed? OR perhaps you fell asleep with it on the bed and it slipped through that crack in between your headboard and mattress (not going to say whether this has or has not happened to us…) Take a flashlight under the bed and take a quick look. 

  1. Your Sock Drawer

This is where our slim, smooth, and discrete design can sometimes contribute to losing your  PAX Era™. If you keep your PAX Era™ on top of your dresser, there is a chance it could have slipped into one of the open drawers below. Take a quick peek through each of the drawers and rifle through your clothing quickly to see if your PAX Era™ might be in there.

  1. The Crumpled Pile of Clothing on Top of Your Dresser

Hey, we’re not here to judge. It’s post-COVID and the only rules are, there are no rules. Make sure to check the nooks and crannies on top of your dresser. We’ve known a few PaxPod™ to hide in the fold of your daily work-pants…

  1. Your Glasses Case

This is a unique one but has happened to one of our own. Your PAX Era™ is discrete, super compact, and is as useful day today as your glasses. It would only make sense that they ended up in the same case at least once. In fact, we actually suggest this as en effective carry mechanism. You may momentarily lose your glasses, but you always find them eventually. 

  1. On the Back of Your Chair

If you keep your PAX Era™ in your pocket, the slim design can easily slide out of your pocket given the right opportunity. Check behind you on your chair and feel out the chair crease to see if your PAX Era™  got stuck. 

  1. Underneath Your Chair

Just like we mentioned above, the smooth and frictionless design can sometimes slide right out of your pocket. Your PAX Era™ may have also slipped underneath your chair. Stand up or take a look around where you last sat down. 

  1. Your Refrigerator

If you’re rolling your eyes at this one, you’re a better human than the rest of us. We’ve all left random stuff in our fridge or freezer, especially when we’ve gotten the munchies. Take a quick survey of your refrigerator and just give yourself peace of mind knowing that it’s not in there. 

  1. Your Car

This one is easy, especially if you travel with your PAX Era™ (which makes sense because it’s designed to not leave a scent behind). Check to make sure it’s not in your car cup holder, the side pouch on your car, the seat crevice behind you (refer to numbers 8 and 9), or the glove box. 

Where is the weirdest place you’ve found your PAX Era™? Let us know in the comments below!

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