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Everest Staff: Meet Lacie

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Name: Lacie aka Lace Face, Space Case

How long have you worked for Everest? I’ve been with the team a little over five months.

What’s your favorite handcrafted Everest strain? Candy Land or Gorilla Glue – you know, depending on how I’m feeling.

Favorite Edible: I’m a sucker for the Elevated Cereal Bar!

Favorite Concentrate: Bhang baby!

What’s great about the Everest culture? Your first time walking in, you instantly feel like family <3

What do you enjoy most about your job? Helping people from all walks of life heal in various ways.

Hobbies: Yoga, rafting (actually anything that involves water–I’m a self-proclaimed desert mermaid)

Why do you feel Everest makes a difference in patient’s lives? Our high quality medicine and the fact that every single person that works here, from Jilly Bean with the babies to all of us up front, are all wildly passionate about our jobs.

Texico Medical

202 N State St Texico, NM 88135