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Everest Gives Back for Denim Day 2023 – Denim Day is not just About Wearing Jeans

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In support of Denim Day 2023 (April 26), Everest Cannabis Co. will donate a portion of its daily sales to Valencia Shelter Services in Los Lunas, NM. To encourage our customers to donate as well As an additional incentive for our customers, we’re offering 15% off any one item for anyone that makes a donation to the shelter. 


Denim Day is a global campaign that originated in the 1990s, aimed at raising awareness about sexual assault and victim-blaming. The campaign takes place on the last Wednesday of April every year, and it encourages people to wear denim as a symbol of protest against sexual violence and to show support for survivors. 


The story behind Denim Day dates back to 1992, when an 18-year-old girl in Italy was raped by her driving instructor. The perpetrator was arrested and convicted, but the case was later overturned by the Italian Supreme Court on the basis that the victim was wearing tight jeans, and therefore must have helped the perpetrator remove them, implying her consent. This sparked outrage and protests, and women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans in solidarity with the victim. The protest soon spread beyond Italy, and Denim Day was born.


Wearing denim on Denim Day is a way of standing up against victim-blaming and rape culture. Victim-blaming is the act of placing responsibility for a sexual assault on the victim, rather than the perpetrator. It is a harmful attitude that perpetuates rape culture, which is a society where sexual violence is normalized and excused. By wearing denim, people can show their support for survivors and their commitment to fighting against rape culture.


Denim Day is not just about wearing jeans. It is about starting conversations and educating others about the prevalence and impact of sexual violence. The campaign encourages individuals, organizations, and communities to take action and work towards ending sexual violence. This could mean volunteering at a local rape crisis center, donating to organizations that support survivors, or speaking out against harmful attitudes and behaviors.


In recent years, Denim Day has gained momentum and has become a powerful movement in the fight against sexual violence. It is a reminder that every person has a role to play in creating a world where sexual violence is not tolerated, and survivors are supported and believed. As a woman-led organization, Everest Cannabis Co. stands behind this movement.


So this Denim Day Everest Cannabis Co., along with the many women and men that we employ, encourage you to wear denim jeans, jackets or hats. Raise your voice and speak out in support of the survivors and victims, and spread awareness in your daily conversations and social media. Together we can make a difference.

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