Important Updates to the NM Reciprocal Program

What They Mean for NM Medical Cannabis Patients


The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) passed Amendment last week, which details a number of changes to the reciprocity portion of the New Mexico Cannabis program. 

These changes state that:

  • A New Mexico qualified patient can no longer be enrolled as a reciprocal patient.


New Mexico residents are no longer able to join the reciprocity program*. If you are a New Mexico resident, and wish to get a medical card, you can now only do so through the NMDOH. You can no longer get one from any other state outside of New Mexico.

*A resident of New Mexico can enroll as a reciprocal participant only if they are a member of a New Mexico Indian Nation, Tribe, or Pueblo medical cannabis program.

  • A reciprocal patient’s place of residency must match their place of enrollment. 

For example:

A Colorado resident can only participate as a reciprocal patient by 1) providing proof of authorization to participate in Colorado’s program (like a Colorado medical card), and 2) providing proof of residency in Colorado through their government-issued identification (like a Colorado driver’s license).

Everest is now required to verify that a reciprocal patient’s state of residency matches the state of their medical cannabis program enrollment. Unfortunately we are unable to sell to anyone who cannot provide matching documentation. All medical cannabis dispensaries in the state of New Mexico are subject to disciplinary action if these regulations aren’t adhered to.

Important Reminder: Proof of medical cannabis program enrollment must be in the form of a physical card or other physical document issued by a governmental entity authorized by law to enroll you in the medical cannabis program in your state of residence. Permission from a medical practitioner, such as a written letter from your physician, is not enough proof of authorization to allow you to register as a reciprocal patient.

Please stop into any Everest Apothecary location today to learn more about these changes and have your reciprocal program documentation re-verified by our patient care technicians. We are here to help as best we can!

How to Choose the Best Bud

By Gabriel Moya – Manager, Unser/McMahon

Maximizing the medicinal value and the overall effect of your cannabis begins with learning what to look for, and how to choose what’s right for you. Since the effects of cannabis vary from person-to-person, it’s important to consider their basic elements and the experience they produce.

  • Aroma – A common quote in the cannabis industry is “Your nose knows,” meaning that if you like the smell of a strain’s terpenes its highly likely that you will enjoy the effect of the strain.
  • Color – Look for vivid hues of dark green to purple and the presence of orange and red hairs. The red hairs are called stigmas and, although it is not always the case, high-potency buds tend to have a lot of hairs.
  • Trichomes – Look for sugary crystals on the surface of the flower—these are called trichomes and have high concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC.
  • Density – The ideal density varies by strain; buds that are dense and hold more mass are a good indicator that they came from a healthier plant than buds that are fluffy or “larfy.”
  • Texture – When your flower breaks down, it should have a sticky but dry texture, this is good sign that there is a high amount of trichomes within the buds.
  • Seedless – It is highly uncommon for seeds to be found in high-quality cannabis strains; the presence of seeds usually means the plant wasn’t grown in a controlled environment…although finding a seed in your favorite bud could be like “finding a pearl in an oyster.”
  • Trimmed – A tedious manicure ensures that only the richest parts are the flower are sold; only leaf that is covered in trichomes called “sugar leaf” is sometimes kept.
  • Live Weighed – This deli-style weighing process allows patients to see the product they will be purchasing, the container it came from, and (post COVID) to take a whiff of its terpene profile. Pre-packaged flower not only restricts the patient from monitoring their purchase amount, but the quality of the cannabis leaves much to be imagined.
  • Testing – As a business requirement, dispensary flower is to be thoroughly analyzed through a third-party lab that can reveal cannabinoid percentages (THC, CBD, THCV), terpene profiles and, most importantly, the cleanliness of the flower.
  • Percentage Shopping – A common mistake made by patients is to base their purchase decision on the percentage of THC. While data indicates that a strain with a higher THC percentage will have a stronger psychoactive effect, a high THC percentage has the potential to heighten anxiety and exacerbate pain. The best experience is produced from strains that are rich in terpenes and all other cannabinoids, not just THC.

Everest Apothecary takes great pride in serving our community and providing every patient with the right product for their medical needs. Please stop by or call any location and one of our Patient Care Technicians will be more than happy to provide more information regarding cannabis and how to elevate your experience.

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5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your PAX® Era™

If you’re a dedicated vape user, you’ve heard PAX® a lot in the past few years. PAX has become a leading brand in the portable cannabis vaporizer market, and the name is synonymous with compact, user-friendly, sleek designs. 

Suppose you’ve purchased your PAX® Era™ vaporizer recently and are an iPhone user. In that case, you might not even know about the PAX Mobile app. This app allowed you to monitor your battery, track your usage, and customize your temperature settings with incredible precision.

Unfortunately, this app is currently removed from the Apple App store (#thanksvapegate), but the app is still available via Chrome on desktop and laptop devices, and on the Google Play store for Android. iPhone users never fear, though: the app was a great tool, but it’s not essential to getting the most out of your PAX Era vape! 

The PAX® Era™ is jam-packed with high tech features, all in a classy, sleek, and discrete container that gives you a consistent and high-quality vaping experience.  We could go on and on about all of the great features, our customer cartridges, but we don’t want to make those non-PAX ® Era™ users TOO  jealous… so we’ll keep it to five main benefits. 

  1. Instant Use

The PAX Era takes a whopping 0 seconds to heat up, which is shorter than it takes your coffee to reheat. You don’t have to wait a single second to start vaping when you’re on the go! 

Conduction style technology in the PAX® Era™heats the cannabidiol in your pod. This lets you get the full vapor experience almost immediately after you pick up the pen. 

  1. Precision Control

A big reason the PAX Era vape is so popular is its wide range of temperature control. Temperature control is an excellent add-on for the PAX® Era™ since vaping at different temperatures affects the amount of vapor produced and the flavor profile. The lower setting will give you more flavor from your vape, while the higher settings make thicker, harsher, more intense draws. 

There are four temperature settings built into the PAX Era vape pen:

  • Low (520° F / 270° C)
  • Medium Low (610° F / 320° C)
  • Medium-High (700° F / 370° C)
  • High (790° F / 420° C)

Adjusting the PAX Era temperature is super easy with the app, which will allow you to set your desired temperature and further customize the temperature settings. 

App not an option? No problem! 

First, make sure a pod is connected to your device. Shake your PAX® Era™, and it will display the battery life for you. Remove the pod, and the LED display petals will show the current temperature. It will begin cycling through all four temperature settings from lowest to highest, green, yellow, orange, and red. When it shows the temperature you want, re-insert the pod, and the light will flash to confirm your new setting. Seriously, it’s that easy.

This precision of temperature control allows you to personalize your PAX® Era™ experience and find your perfect settings. Since you have such control, your vape quality stays consistent, and you don’t get any weird, burning flavors, making for a smooth and regular draw with no coughing. 

3) Portability and Discreteness

The PAX® Era™ vape is both incredibly portable and discrete, making it one of the most comprehensive vaporizers on the market.

Users have taken to calling PAX vapes “the Apple of vaporizers” due to the elegant, lightweight design. As each new iteration of MacBooks and iPhones progresses, so does each version of the PAX® Era™. The PAX® Era™ is to vaporizers as the first iPhone was to cell phones. Are we biased? Yes, but we do love our PAX® Era™.  

The PAX Era is straight-up tiny and hardly resembles a vaporizer. Since it’s designed solely for use with pre-filled PAX Pods (available at Everest!), it can be effortless and compact. The vape’s only parts are the quickly rechargeable battery and the cartridges filled with cannabidiol oil extract. Not even a button mars the smooth surface, making this vape one of the most straightforward designs, while still durable, practical, and effective. 

With such a small device that still gives you the high-quality vaping sessions you’re looking for, you can take the PAX on the go anywhere! It will fit into the smallest of pockets and the palm of your hand.

4) Battery Life

We know we keep saying each benefit is the biggest one,  but they are equally as fantastic, including the long-lasting, quick-recharging battery. 

The overall battery life is impacted by how high you set the temperature and how long you choose to make your sessions, but  PAX® Era™ estimates that a full charge will last you up to 200 puffs. 

Are you running low on battery? Plug your PAX Era vape in with its micro USB cable, and the time to full charge is only 45 minutes! 

PAX makes monitoring your battery life super easy too. Simply give your PAX vape a shake, and the light petals will illuminate to show you how much battery you have left:

  • One petal = 0 – 25% battery life left
  • Two petals = 25 – 50%
  • Three petals = 50 – 75%
  • Four petals = 75 – 100% 

5) Change Out Your Pods with Ease

Your PAX vape is compatible with preloaded cartridges (custom created for YOU by Everest!). These pods are pure cannabidiol oil, and Everest even has cartridges with 1:1 ratios of CBD and THC, which are great for relaxing and easing anxiety!

SimpleClick™ interchangeable pods allow you to switch out your extract in seconds. Add this to the fact that your PAX vape doesn’t take time to heat up, and you can go from 60 back down to 0 in less time than it takes to reheat your coffee.

Are you curious as to how many puffs are left in your cartridge? The PAX® Era™ app keeps track of your consumption and also displays in real-time with LED communication.

Double-tap your vape to view the current usage by counting the number of illuminated petals. Each petal is one puff (a 1-2 second inhale) you’ve taken in the past 30 minutes. The session will reset after 30 minutes of inactivity, or you can tap the device six times to reset the count to zero!

Monitoring your usage is a great tool that lets you keep track of your typical sessions and keep an eye on how much you’re consuming. 

Is this a shameless plug for our product? It may be, but our job at Everest is to provide you with the highest quality and most effective medicine on the market. We believe our  PAX® Era™ is one of the best vaping options for anyone looking for a simple, effective way to relax. 
Are you interested in purchasing a  PAX® Era™? Stop by your local Everest location or order one to be delivered!

Lose Your PAX® Vaporizer? Check These Places First

We know what it’s like to lose your PAX® Era™, which is why we made a list of the places we’ve found ours.

PAX is one of the greatest inventions known to humankind. Ok, we may be a little biased because they’re exclusively sold at Everest locations and the pods are filled with our exclusive Heyday™ 100% cannabis oil, but truly. 

Between using your phone to control your dosage, temperature, and intensity, and the slim, discrete design with one of the smoothest draws you’ve ever experienced, we can’t help but love our  PAX.

That being said, if you have purchased a PAX Era™  you have probably lost the same PAX Era™  at some point in time. 

We know you’re exhausted from that age-old question your parents used to ask the minute you told them you lost something, “Well, where was the last place you remember seeing it?” 

We’re not your parents so we’re not going to ask you that but, we have lost a few PAX Era™ s over the years and discovered them in some pretty unique places. This is a list of some of the places that we’ve lost our PAX Era™ in hopes that it will ignite a spark that helps you remember where you left yours. 

This list will constantly grow as we discover the new and creative places we’ve found our  PAX Era™:

  1. Behind Your Couch

There’s no better time to use a PAX Era™ then when you’re ready to kick back and relax on your couch. Yes, this sounds obvious and you’ve probably already looked but look again. We recommend taking a hand and feeling through all of the crevices (or pulling all the couch cushions off) before officially crossing this off your list. Just prepare to grab some other surprises while you’re fishing around back there… a pen, an old snack, who knows… You would be surprised how sneaky that PAX Era™ can be!

  1. No Seriously, Check Every Crevice of Your Couch

Sometimes, there’s a catch-all in the bottom part of your couch (like a kangaroo pouch). Before sticking your hand in there, we recommend just feeling it out to see if there is a little PAX Era™  outline. If there is, jump in and don’t look back. Just make sure you blow out the dust in your PAX Era™  before you use it again. 

  1. Wrapped Up In a Blanket

This also relates to the couch. Don’t waste time lazily moving around the blanket to find your PAX Era™, stand up like an adult and shake out your blanket. You should see your PAX Era™ drop to the floor if it was stuck in the blanket. This is also a good time to TRIPLE check your couch cushions. Can you tell we’ve lost a lot of PAX Era™ in our couches?

  1. Underneath Your Bed or On Your Nightstand

Nothing like a puff-puff pax right before bed, especially since with the PAX Era™ you can control your dosage from your phone, which means you can take just enough to support a great night’s sleep. Did you leave it on your nightstand? Or perhaps it slipped off your nightstand and fell under your bed? OR perhaps you fell asleep with it on the bed and it slipped through that crack in between your headboard and mattress (not going to say whether this has or has not happened to us…) Take a flashlight under the bed and take a quick look. 

  1. Your Sock Drawer

This is where our slim, smooth, and discrete design can sometimes contribute to losing your  PAX Era™. If you keep your PAX Era™ on top of your dresser, there is a chance it could have slipped into one of the open drawers below. Take a quick peek through each of the drawers and rifle through your clothing quickly to see if your PAX Era™ might be in there.

  1. The Crumpled Pile of Clothing on Top of Your Dresser

Hey, we’re not here to judge. It’s post-COVID and the only rules are, there are no rules. Make sure to check the nooks and crannies on top of your dresser. We’ve known a few PaxPod™ to hide in the fold of your daily work-pants…

  1. Your Glasses Case

This is a unique one but has happened to one of our own. Your PAX Era™ is discrete, super compact, and is as useful day today as your glasses. It would only make sense that they ended up in the same case at least once. In fact, we actually suggest this as en effective carry mechanism. You may momentarily lose your glasses, but you always find them eventually. 

  1. On the Back of Your Chair

If you keep your PAX Era™ in your pocket, the slim design can easily slide out of your pocket given the right opportunity. Check behind you on your chair and feel out the chair crease to see if your PAX Era™  got stuck. 

  1. Underneath Your Chair

Just like we mentioned above, the smooth and frictionless design can sometimes slide right out of your pocket. Your PAX Era™ may have also slipped underneath your chair. Stand up or take a look around where you last sat down. 

  1. Your Refrigerator

If you’re rolling your eyes at this one, you’re a better human than the rest of us. We’ve all left random stuff in our fridge or freezer, especially when we’ve gotten the munchies. Take a quick survey of your refrigerator and just give yourself peace of mind knowing that it’s not in there. 

  1. Your Car

This one is easy, especially if you travel with your PAX Era™ (which makes sense because it’s designed to not leave a scent behind). Check to make sure it’s not in your car cup holder, the side pouch on your car, the seat crevice behind you (refer to numbers 8 and 9), or the glove box. 

Where is the weirdest place you’ve found your PAX Era™? Let us know in the comments below!

Everest Celebrates Juneteenth with a Discussion about Diversity

Juneteenth has always been recognized as an important day, but recently it has taken on a newfound (and overdue) notoriety. On June 19, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger issued an order,

“The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor. The freedmen are advised to remain quietly at their present homes and work for wages. They are informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts and that they will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhere.” 

When he issued this order, he was unaware that this date would be the most popular celebration of emancipation from slavery in the United States. Although this is the most popular day to celebrate, this wasn’t the end of slavery. In fact, this proclamation was issued after President Lincoln was assassinated, while the 13th amendment was already well on its way to being established and the Confederate capital (in Richmond) had already fallen. In short, slavery was supposed to have ended two and a half years before this announcement. 

At Everest, we have spent the last few weeks educating ourselves, supporting our team, and discussing how we can contribute to a future we will be proud of. We want everyone reading this to know that we stand behind the people. We believe black lives matter, we hear those who have been speaking out, and we are listening. 

We recently sat down with our COO, Trishelle Kirk to have an open discussion about diversity at Everest.

photo of Trishelle Kirk, COO of Everest apothecary
Trishelle Kirk, COO of Everest Apothecary

Do you think diversity is important?

“I firmly believe that diversity is a requirement for great business. With diversity comes better culture, decision-making, and problem-solving. I think the best way to ensure you have a diverse organization is to focus on the diversity of thought.”

How does having a diverse team support a stronger business?

“When we’re hiring or promoting, we always talk about the value of adding a new perspective into the team. We also encourage people within the organization to speak up if they have a different opinion or a new idea.As a management team, we recognize that we don’t know everything and the best idea wins. Having people that think differently than you in the organization is always an asset. The act of having to examine your own beliefs and opinions, whether you end up sticking with them or not, will ensure better decision-making in the future.”

Let’s talk about what happens when there is a lack of diversity in the workplace…

“Groupthink is incredibly dangerous for an organization that wants to stay cutting edge. Collective bias is very toxic for an organization that wants to grow and retain employees. If you want your business to thrive and remain relevant, you cannot afford to run your organization from the perspective of “we do things this way because we’ve always done things this way.” It is easier in the short-term but rarely results in longevity.”

Groupthink is bad. So, how do you promote diversity during the hiring process?

At Everest, we agree that diversity of thought is the only way we will be able to continue our mission of providing high-quality cannabis to qualified medical patients in a rapidly changing and growing industry. When the diversity of thought is a core value, diversity in individuals is an easy goal to achieve. 

We have to consider experience and qualifications for any candidate, but I find that giving consideration to the unique or different perspective a candidate would bring to their team or to the organization is an incredibly effective way to promote diversity. Every employee that joins Everest is responsible for helping us make the organization better. It’s not a stretch to make your criteria for “better” include different. 

This graphic is a diversity breakdown of the employees and leadership at Everest Apothecary.

How does having a more diverse group of leaders trickle down to a more diverse team?

“As leaders and hiring managers, we have to be honest with ourselves about our hiring process. As much as we wish we could rely on a well-written resume, strong references, and our interviewing skills alone to bring in the perfect candidate, the ultimate decision is a very gut-based one.

If your gut is uncomfortable because a candidate looks or sounds different than you, because you don’t have others of their race, gender or sexual orientation in the organization, because you don’t have a similar background, it is easy for your “gut” to take you toward another candidate that feels more comfortable but may not be any more qualified.”

Is there anything else you would like to add, that can potentially limit diversity in a company?

“One of the things I love about Everest is that very few of our jobs require a college degree. Without that requirement, we can instead recruit for work ethic, passion, problem-solving, experience, and drive. We have a responsibility to do just that. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the value of college education, I hold a master’s degree myself. I also believe it’s important to recognize that many jobs simply don’t require that level of education for an individual to excel.

When you dismiss the inherent bias of an unnecessary educational requirement and instead use it as a way of perpetuating bias against individuals from lower-income backgrounds coming into your organization, you are refusing to take responsibility for using your power and privilege to close the opportunity gap in America.”

Truer words have not been spoken! Any suggestions out there for businesses looking to become more diverse, but that don’t know where to start?

“Business leaders must recognize that education itself is not an equal playing field and using it as one of the biggest criteria for an opportunity in the business world is inherently biased. A gap in opportunity starts nearly at birth and becomes more and more difficult to close as a child grows. A child isn’t responsible for the circumstances of their birth but in business, we often hold them accountable for their entire life.”

We at Everest would like it to be known that we stand with those pushing for reform. Everyone can do better, educate themselves more, and listen. We have made a start, but we understand that there is still work to be done at Everest and around the world. We believe no one is free until everyone is free. 

We stand in solidarity. Black Lives Matter. 

How To Get Your Cannabis During COVID-19

We understand that there are limitations being put into place every day to help keep our peers safe. There is no higher priority to our team at Everest Apothecary than the safety of our patients and those around them. We have always been focused on our patient’s health and safety, but we have been going above and beyond to meticulously clean our dispensaries. 

We have also enacted a new measure of safety:

Get In: We want you to get seen quickly (our average wait time is only seven minutes!) to avoid contact with other patients.

Get Out: We are prepared to fill your order as quickly as possible. Want to speed up the process? You can order online here.

Get Home: Our goal is to get home home as quickly, efficiently, and as safely as possible. 

We understand that this epidemic is really affecting those who suffer from anxiety and PTSD. There are a lot of people that rely on our cannabis as a way to relax and stay focused through a day, so we are doing everything in our power to keep you healthy and safe.

Given the new regulations, please note that our exceptional customer service might be a little bit different than you have come to expect. Our stores will remain a safe place for those looking to feel better, in all aspects.

Check out our online menus and nearest location to you HERE

We look forward to seeing you soon. 


The Everest Apothecary Team

Is Cannabis Going to be Legalized in New Mexico?

Ever since New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham took office, she has been a major advocate of legalizing marijuana. You may have read one of the articles discussing the details of the bill or heard the media buzz around the bill and the current legislative session. Regardless of where you stand, it is essential to be informed. 

We wanted to break down (or grind down 😉 ) precisely what has been going on, what the next steps look like, and what you need to know. 

Let’s start with the Basics.

The governor has pushed to legalize recreational cannabis. Currently, New Mexico has legalized medical cannabis, which means only those with a medical card can access it. New Mexico is one of 33 states with legalized medical marijuana and could potentially be the 12th to legalize it recreationally. 

So What?

If this passes, it would mean that anyone above the age of 21 would be able to purchase and use cannabis without any legal repercussions. If this bill passes, we would be looking at the start date of July 2021. 

The taxes on recreational pot would be around 17-19% and taxes for medical patients and low-income patients would vary. That means that qualifying patients would be able to have access to medical-grade marijuana without intensive financial barriers. Having medical marijuana in a different tax bracket for low-income patients and medical cardholders is an incredible addition to the bill, not mentioned in previous bill proposals. This allows everyone an equal opportunity to explore the benefits of marijuana. 

The plan calls for a ban on using characters and minors in advertising (along with the establishment of your prevention and education programs), and food-grade testing of marijuana products. 

In other states, there is an option for local government to opt-out of legal weed. This plan will prohibit any local New Mexican government from banning the sale of recreational cannabis (although local zoning rules can still interfere)  

The plan suggests that the revenue from recreational cannabis goes towards housing, local business, and education for marginalized communities in New Mexico. The bill points out that this would be an excellent opportunity for local tribes, nations, and pueblos. 

And What About the Little Guys?

Great question! We have often seen industries that have massive barriers to entry (licensing fees, insurance, etc.), which only allow big players to enter the market. The governor’s plan focuses on keeping licensing fees low (to about $500 per month), so that small businesses and start-ups have easy entry into the industry. 

That means you will have the ability to support local. Remember to always vote with your wallet!

What Happens During These Next 30 Days?

There are a few steps in between where we are now and the legalization of recreational marijuana. We wanted to break down the process, so you can understand where we are and where has to happen for this bill to pass:

  1. A bill is filed.

*This can happen either before or at the beginning of a legislative session

  1. Once the bill is filed, the proper committee looks through it and can either make any changes necessary to get the votes needed to pass or vetoes the bill.
  2. The committee then votes to send it to the main floor.
  3. If the bill passes on the main floor, it is voted on by the house of representatives.
  4. If it passes through the house of representatives, then it goes to the Senate. 
  5. If the Senate passes the bill, it goes to the governor, and she decides to either sign or veto the bill. 

Currently, three out of every four New Mexicans are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Can I Do Anything?

You can! Getting involved during the legislative session is a great way to have your voice heard. This article will walk you through finding your representative, helping you figure out what to say, and how to make an impact while doing it. 

Trishelle Kirk, Everest’s Director of Operations, has been passionate about this movement from the get-go, “There is a stigma to cannabis that, like many stigmas, is built from a lack of information. Legislators and detractors get caught on the “cannabis” part of the business and forget the economic impact from the opportunity of doubling or tripling the size of the industry. 

This issue isn’t a question of cannabis being part of our community, cannabis has been part of our society for decades. This is a question of whether or not the New Mexico legislature wants to see exponential growth in this industry. 

New Mexico needs growing industries. Studies have shown that moving from a medical cannabis program to an adult-use program will create 11,000 jobs. 11,000 opportunities. 11,000 careers. Cannabis companies are also required to have majority local ownership, which means profits will be reinvested back into our community.

We all agree that for years, our New Mexico law enforcement has needed more training and more resources, adult-use cannabis revenue would be a fantastic financial tool. We all agree that better drug and alcohol education in our K-12 schools is long overdue, tax dollars from cannabis can facilitate such programs financially.

The question isn’t IF we have the opportunity to grow, it’s WHEN will we decide to take it?”.

Everest is proud to deliver the highest quality experiences cannabis can offer. Each product is cultivated, grown, and produced with a desire to help the end-user in the most organic, pure, and efficient way possible. 

We’re here because you deserve the best: the purest cannabis and high-quality information to go alongside it. 

Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on everything cannabis-related. 

UPDATE: January 28, 2020 – The bill has passed the Senate Public Affairs Committee. The next still for the bill is to move to the Senate Finance Committee. Now is the time to call your representative and tell them that you are in favor of this bill passing! We will continue updating this blog.

UPDATE: February 12, 2020 – The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 6-4 on Wednesday to table the bill. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is still dedicated to legalizing marijuana and has a task force working on continuing the push for legalization.



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