Everest Staff : Meet Ernest W.

Ernest W.

If you’ve been by our 4th Street shop, chances are you’ve met Ernest. Ernest has worked at Everest for a year, and greeting and directing patients where to go when they arrive and helps keep our shop safe. He’s also a big fan of Everest’s products and culture.

What’s your favorite handcrafted Everest strain? B4, Guard Dawg x Star Dawg and Banana Sour Diesel.

Favorite edible? I try to stay away from edibles. There’s a bit too much THC for me.

Favorite concentrate? Concentrates that are strain specific with B4, Guard Dawg x Star Dawg and CBD.

What’s great about the Everest culture? I love the modern culture atmosphere are Everest.

What do you enjoy most about your job? Greeting patients and understanding their medical condition. But, first and foremost, I love all of the staff and making sure everyone at Everest stays safe.

Hobbies: Rock hunting, making pleasing simple jewelry, golfing, fishing, exploring abandoned ghost towns, looking for artifacts and fossils.

Why do you feel Everest makes a difference in patient’s lives? The staff consistently gives patients helpful and useful knowledge of Everest products that can assist their medical needs.

Come visit Ernest at our North Valley location.

Staff Recommendation – John’s Pick: Snoop’s Dream

John's PickJohn’s Pick: Snoop’s Dream

A Throwback that’s Sure to Throw You Back

Flavor/Scent: Sweet blueberry flavors with a pine aftertaste.

Lineage: Blue Dream x Master Kush

My Take: When life starts moving too fast, Snoop’s Dream puts it all back on track with an aroma and taste that’s sure to take you back to the first time you got your hands on some high quality cannabis. This plant is the Big Dogg on the grow boasting a tall Sativa figure that produces dark green bud structures with bright orange hairs. Snoop’s Dream is my go-to when setting the tone for a relaxing evening free of pain and stress. For me, as a patient, this strain helps me maintain a positive mood that translates to an all around better sense of well-being. And for the smoker in me, Snoop’s Dream takes me back to when I got my first sack of chronic.

Understanding Therapeutic Levels with Everest’s Alejandro Garcia

Everest’s extractor Alejandro Garcia was featured in Alibi’s quarterly Cannabis Manual—a local publication of articles, updates and insights on New Mexico’s ever-growing medical cannabis industry.

Learn how EverestApothecaryharnesses the “entourage effect” to optimize the therapeutic levels of its HeyDay™ and hoodoo™ concentrates in this informative interview:


An interview with extractor Alejandro Garcia

By Joshua Lee

EverestApothecary invited us to tour their grow operation recently. As we waited for the head grower to prepare the way, we took the opportunity to sit down with the dispensary’s extractor Alejandro Garcia and pick his brain about concentrates.

Weekly Alibi: Something I’ve always wondered—does it really matter if a concentrate comes from a sativa- or indica-dominant plant? THC is THC right?

Alejandro Garcia: Whenever you extract from a plant, common belief may lead you to think that you lose some of the aesthetics of what make a plant an indica or a sativa. In some ways, that’s an accurate statement, but it also isn’t. When it comes to distillation, you can actually isolate what you want to extract. So you can isolate the terpenes and the cannabinoids that the specific plant has when it’s fresh. You are then able to reintroduce those terpenes and cannabinoids at the end, after you’ve isolated the THC or CBD. And then you can mix it at the ratio which will allow you to sell it at the state’s 70 percent THC limit.

Read the full article >>

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Schnapp

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Schnapp, Everest’s in-house physician. Dr. Schnapp a friendly, non-judgmental, down to earth doctor, who truly cares about the well being of others and we are so lucky to have him on our team and serving our patients. He looks forward to serving you and being an integral part of your journey into wellness.
To book your appointment today click here.

Everest Staff : Meet John G.

John G.
Patient Care Technician

When Patient Care Technician, John G. was undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer, a family friend introduced him to the staff at Everest Apothecary. John received his medical card and began using medical marijuana to treat the side effects from the chemo and prescription medications he was taking.

“Cannabis really helped me get off the hardcore medications the hospital had me on. It alleviated the chronic pain and abdominal issues I was suffering from without taking prescription medications,” John said.

Soon after, John heard of a part time opening at Everest and jumped at the chance to help others who shared his experience.

“I always suggest people to be open to what medical marijuana can do for them. Not one thing works for everyone, it really depends on the person and their individual needs but can have a very positive effect on a variety of issues,” John said. “With any new patient, I try to ask questions about exactly what a patient is looking for in product the desired effects or relief they want to achieve. I ask their preference on what type of product they’d prefer – smoking, edibles, topicals, when they seek relief – nighttime or daytime, then we try to figure out what can work best. That’s the best part of medical marijuana, with so many forms and options we can help that many more people!”

John has worked at Everest Apothecary now for more than a year. Here are a few of his Everest favorites:

What’s your favorite handcrafted Everest strain? Candyland.

Favorite edible? Koi Fish Gummies.

Favorite concentrate? White Fire OG wax.

What’s great about the Everest culture? The love and support I get from every employee here at Everest.

What do you enjoy most about your job? The customers I meet, and even better, the ones that come back.

Hobbies: Home improvement and video games.

Why do you feel Everest makes a difference in patient’s lives? We provide a level of service and product that is unmatched in Albuquerque and it shows in every return customer.

Come visit John at our North Valley location.



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