Staff Recommendation – John’s Pick: Snoop’s Dream

John's PickJohn’s Pick: Snoop’s Dream

A Throwback that’s Sure to Throw You Back

Flavor/Scent: Sweet blueberry flavors with a pine aftertaste.

Lineage: Blue Dream x Master Kush

My Take: When life starts moving too fast, Snoop’s Dream puts it all back on track with an aroma and taste that’s sure to take you back to the first time you got your hands on some high quality cannabis. This plant is the Big Dogg on the grow boasting a tall Sativa figure that produces dark green bud structures with bright orange hairs. Snoop’s Dream is my go-to when setting the tone for a relaxing evening free of pain and stress. For me, as a patient, this strain helps me maintain a positive mood that translates to an all around better sense of well-being. And for the smoker in me, Snoop’s Dream takes me back to when I got my first sack of chronic.

Understanding Therapeutic Levels with Everest’s Alejandro Garcia

Everest’s extractor Alejandro Garcia was featured in Alibi’s quarterly Cannabis Manual—a local publication of articles, updates and insights on New Mexico’s ever-growing medical cannabis industry.

Learn how Everest Apothecary harnesses the “entourage effect” to optimize the therapeutic levels of its HeyDay™ and hoodoo™ concentrates in this informative interview:


An interview with extractor Alejandro Garcia

By Joshua Lee

Everest Apothecary invited us to tour their grow operation recently. As we waited for the head grower to prepare the way, we took the opportunity to sit down with the dispensary’s extractor Alejandro Garcia and pick his brain about concentrates.

Weekly Alibi: Something I’ve always wondered—does it really matter if a concentrate comes from a sativa- or indica-dominant plant? THC is THC right?

Alejandro Garcia: Whenever you extract from a plant, common belief may lead you to think that you lose some of the aesthetics of what make a plant an indica or a sativa. In some ways, that’s an accurate statement, but it also isn’t. When it comes to distillation, you can actually isolate what you want to extract. So you can isolate the terpenes and the cannabinoids that the specific plant has when it’s fresh. You are then able to reintroduce those terpenes and cannabinoids at the end, after you’ve isolated the THC or CBD. And then you can mix it at the ratio which will allow you to sell it at the state’s 70 percent THC limit.

Read the full article >>

Saturday Special | August 4, 2018

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A crossbreed of Granddaddy Purps and Platinum Cookies, these genes make for an upbeat, stimulating effect that spurs
creativity and provides energy for daytime tasks. Euphoria is the prominent effect when smoking Candyland, with a strong mood boost and some relaxation. Candyland as a strong sweet flavor and smell, with an earthy, spicy undertone and known for treating anxiety and depression, chronic pain, and ADHD.
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