Everest Delivered My Cannabis and I’m Never Turning Back

Everest Apothecary’s Delivery service started out during COVID-19 as a response to increased demand, here is the experience you get as a customer. There is nothing more satisfying than clicking a few buttons and having something delivered to your doorstep. In the pre-COVID world, the only time you could get something delivered in Albuquerque was […]

How To Get Your Cannabis During COVID-19

We understand that there are limitations being put into place every day to help keep our peers safe. There is no higher priority to our team at Everest Apothecary than the safety of our patients and those around them. We have always been focused on our patient’s health and safety, but we have been going […]

Everest Celebrates Wellness Month. What are ratios, anyway?

August is national wellness month. A time to focus on self-care, creating healthy habits, developing stress management skills, and finding balance. Everest Cannabis Company joins wellness month by inviting all adults 21 and over, to explore the many products designed with your relief in mind.   First, let’s talk about ratios.   If you’ve ever […]

Exploring Everest’s Categories for Back-to-School Season

With August here and the summer winding down, this time of year can be both exciting and stressful as schools and universities begin opening the doors to new and returning students. Don’t worry though, Everest is here for you. We have our students and parents-of-students covered with plenty of ways to focus, de-stress, and have […]

Ask Kathy: Common Medical Card Questions Answered

By Kathy McKenzie, CFNP, Balanced Health NM Here are some of the common questions asked by those interested in applying for a New Mexico medical cannabis card for the first time this year: How do I get started with a medical card? Step 1: Check that you are eligible – this program is only available […]

Entertaining with Cannabis – Margaweedas

By Jefferson King, Marketing Director, Everest Cannabis Co. If you’re anything like me, you’re an avid medical cannabis user looking forward to sharing all the new, LEGAL, cannabis products about to be available to New Mexicans this April.  As a patient, I know what effects I can get from which strains, I know what terpenes are […]

Cannabis 101: Microdosing Using Wynk Seltzers

What is Microdosing and where do I begin? When it comes to cannabis, sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what your perfect dose is. Maybe you’re accustomed to smoking flower and you’re ready to mix things up and try an edible for the first time. Maybe you’ve had an experience with cannabis in […]

Dabbing 101: Quick Guide for Cold Starting

Dabbing is an effective way to consume cannabis at higher concentrations. While it may be intimidating at first, the process of preparing and executing the perfect dab becomes more familiar with time and is a perfect way to seek relief. Here’s a trick to taking the perfect dab – Cold Starting. Cold Starting is a […]

Talking with Amanda Lovato, Pro MMA Fighter

What inspired you to get into MMA? What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had? Towards the end of high school, I was floating around between living with family. I finally ended up in Las Vegas, NM, with my grandma. She has been a karate practitioner for most of my life. Her sensei was looking […]

Interview With Soilutions: Everest’s Soil Provider

Everest is proud to partner with Soilutions, a local soil and compost company that provides our farm with soil tailored perfectly for growing our cannabis plants. Recently, we were able to chat with Ben Dickerson, Business Development Manager at Soilutions, about how they started in the industry, what makes their soil so special, and how they’re […]

Introducing Our New Sustainability Practices

Recycling program at Everest Cannabis Co.

This fall, we plan on doing more to protect the environment and our community by implementing a number of new sustainability practices—our first step to becoming a more eco-conscious company. Read on to see our (condensed) list of everything new coming to Everest, beginning this August. Soil/Composting By the end of this fall, our prospective […]